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Published: 24th April 2009
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There are a number of methods for hemroid removal and it can be a relatively simple process. You can get yourself treated if you want but removal is also very effective if you do not want to procure hemroids again. There are quite a few methods of hemroid removal and we will explain all the options.

For a person that has procured hemroid, removal is the last resort. This should be the last course of action when all other means have been exhausted. Resorting to removal will yield results when pills and creams have failed. Topical cream and jelly application usually cures the malady but there are times that these cause aggravation and removal is the only solution in such a case.

Using natural therapy for removal

Though very effective, the method of hemroid removal is very effective, but becomes a bit painful and risky if done by surgical procedure. If you are one who fears surgery and are afraid of surgeons cutting you up then this therapy for removal is the best for you. There won't be a need for you to suffer side effects or become inactive for some time. A treatment which can be perfect for you is Ayurveda and Chinese herbal treatment which can be used for as long as it takes to keep hemroids away. But, there is nothing like a good diet which can take care of hemroids.

If you are in for a painless, prolonged treatment then the natural therapy is your choice. Eating wisely and regular exercise is also a good way to ensure quick hemroid removal aside from Ayurveda and Chinese herbs. Maintaining a good diet will automatically keep your health and digestive tract in excellent condition, thereby preventing problems.

Surgery as a means of removal

Hemroid removal through surgery is really painful and is quite a risk that many people would hate to take. The reason why it is painful is due to the after effects of the operation. What happens is that after the operation is done sometimes the area operated on may develop an infection leaking pus and likewise. This condition then becomes messy. Usually, this procedure is undertaken for conditions that are aggravated. This process will be the most suitable for you if you're looking for removal instantly, but is still a good idea to go about it by watching what you eat.

Surgery for hemroid removal includes hemorrhoidectomy which may be the worse thing that you are facing in your life. Hemroid removal thru surgery is done physically by either cutting-away the hemroid using a scalpel or burning away the tissue. Post-operation, the wound is either sewn-up to heal or left alone to dry-up and be removed like a scab. Usually hemroid removal entails the usage of bands that serve to keep circulation away from the hemroid.

As circulation is cut off, the hemroid dies and dries up due to lack of nutrition leading to a loose patch of dead skin formation at the anal region.This then falls off and effective hemroid removal is done.

The hemroid turns into dead tissues that forms around the anus because the lack of circulation means no nutrients reaches it. The dead tissue just gets discarded as it falls off by itself and this completes the hemroid removal.

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