When Does an Internal Hemorrhoid Bleed and What It indicates

Published: 29th April 2009
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Bleeding in internal hemorrhoids is a big issue and if you are suffering from such a condition then you should take steps to cure the ailment immediately. It may not be really dangerous to have this condition, but it can be so painful and irritating. You may need to face several things, which basically starts with a very severe pain in the area of the anus.

Aside from experiencing hemorrhage in the affected area, you may also feel a certain itch that is often associated with a hot and burning sensation. Apart from this, you will no longer be able to sit down for long periods, and you need to stand up from time to time. We will let you go through this brief guide which will help you understand the causes and symptoms of internal hemorrhoids and examine if yourself if you have it or not.

The symptoms of the condition

You will find the following features as symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. First and foremost, there will be severe pain in the areas we use to excrete. It can be precisely in the anal orifice itself or in the area of the anus, however it can also be seen in the rectal opening or the place where the anus and rectum is joined. You may feel a bulge outside the anus which is actually budding from within. This protrusion will make crapping difficult for you while you will be suffering from pain also. Hermorrhage is the most vital symptom.

After you crap and have washed yourself wipe the anus with a clean tissue. You will find fresh blood spots on the tissue if you are suffering from bleeding internal hemorrhoids. If you try to check on your excreta, laces of blood can be found and you may also discover that you are also excreting blood. Blood will drip naturally in a person who has internal hemorrhoids.

The causes of the condition

Any internal hemorrhoid occurs because some blood vessel in your anal region has suffered from an infection and has got inflamed. This inflammation of blood vessels is known as hemorrhoid. When this happens inside the anal region i.e. in the tract of our rectum, then it is known as internal hemorrhoid while if it occurs outside the anus then it is the external hemorrhoid. So when would a hemorrhoid begin bleeding. Well, hemorrhoids bleed only when the inflamed blood vessel which has given rise to the condition bursts or gets cut due to abrasion etc.

Aside from constipation, that has been identified as the major cause for the bleeding, anal sex is also being pointed out as another common cause. Maintaining a good eating habit and exercising good personal hygiene are very important factors what should be considered to avoid such condition.

Adhering to a healthy diet while living a healthy lifestyle and keeping away from sitting toilet can help you solve the problem. You need to be clean, for if you will experience diarrhea or malaria while having this condition, it is most likely to get worse. A case of diarrhea would induce infection in the bleeding hemorrhoid and only give more problems. Hence always eat a healthy diet and stay away from bleeding internal hemorrhoids.

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